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Online Reputation BY Doctor Google

Any established webmaster is aware of the importance of online reputation.

If you are new in this business and you got some complaints from your clients about Rip off Reports, maybe is time to learn some more about this matter so you could prevent those problems in the future

So, what is a Rip Off report? If a competitor of some clients of yours can’t come up with better products, you can be sure they will try some alternative methods to attack your clients. The best one of them is to place some harmful negative reviews on some specialized websites. Ripoffreport is the most dangerous service of this kind, as they will post those negative comments on some affiliates websites also. This is how they will make sure those comments will have a major impact online, and the page of your client can go lower than those reviews on some Google searches. This is the point where you will require our services if you want your client to trust you in the future.

As we can’t eliminate all those negative comments, the obvious direction is to make them almost invisible online. How can we do that? As they could become more visible than your client could, we could reverse the process. By placing some smart SEO articles and blog posts, we will get your client back on the front page of Google searches. At the same time, we will take care of all the negative reviews, making them to “shrink” on any kind of online search. You can be sure those negative comments will get to the 4th or 5th Google search results page, and nobody will ever get there. This is called reputation management, and it has become an important concept in the latest years. You can consider it as a guerilla war, but this is the reality in the online environment today.

This aspect might not be important for a simple person having a Facebook and a Twitter account. However, for people doing online businesses, the image must be perfect. We are focusing all our efforts on eliminating all the negative reviews about your business, and you can be sure we can do a great job about this matter. However, even if we can, don’t ask us for denigrating services. Our terms and services are strict, and we care about our online image. We only want to create clean images and we will never offer negative content.

SEO branding could also be important for the online reputation of some influential individuals. As a pop star or a politician, you will never want the name of an ex girlfriend associated with your image. As you can’t remove any comment fro her blog or webpage, just call us as we can shrink it in a matter of days. Usually those kinds of persons would think that the story is interesting and they won’t have any problems in sharing it. You can be sure we can make it almost invisible, and this won’t cost you some valuable money.

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